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Religion or Cult?  You tell me!

Islam is known as the second largest religion. The very fact that 1.2 billion people call themselves Muslims vests Islam with the mantel of legitimacy and confirms the claim that it is a religion. But is it?  In the previous chapters we saw the similarity of Islam with other cults. In this chapter we study this subject more in dept.

Can one billion people be wrong? Well, “argumentum ad numerum” is a logical fallacy and yes millions and even billions of people can be wrong. Truth cannot be established by the consensus of the majority. In fact many arguments have been debunked, even though everyone in the world once accepted them as true. For example, not until a few centuries ago everyone believed that the Earth was flat and was at the centre of the universe. Despite that common belief both geocentricity and the idea of the flat Earth were false. A false belief does not become true even if everyone thinks they are true.

Therefore, not only one billion people, but the entire mankind can be wrong. As Bertrand Russell said: “The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd; indeed in view of the silliness of the majority of mankind, a widespread belief is more likely to be foolish than sensible.”


After shattering the myth of argumentum ad numerum, let us put Islam under scrutiny and see whether it is a religion or a cult. The word cult has been much used and abused to the extent that people of one religion call other religions that they don’t like, cult. But cults have very definite characteristics.

In his best-selling book Combating Cult Mind Control, Steven Hasson, a former Moonie himself, describes the characteristics of cults and how they control minds. Once we analyze his description of Moonie cult and compare it with Islam we see a great deal of similarity, a similarity that is shared by virtually all cults. Let us compare point by point Hasson’s description of cult with what we know of Islam:

Steven Hasson’s description of cult Islam’s characteristics
The Moonies do a very thorough job of convincing people that former members are satanic and that even being in their presence could be dangerous. [p.3] Apostasy in Islam is the greatest sin. Apostates are to be shunned, ostracized and even killed 4:899:66,Allah’s Apostle said, “The blood of a Muslim who confesses that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and that I am His Apostle, cannot be shed except in three cases: In Qisas for murder, a married person who commits illegal sexual intercourse and the one who reverts from Islam (apostate) and leaves the Muslims.” [Bukhari 9,83,17]

Ali burnt some people [hypocrites] and this news reached Ibn ‘Abbas, who said, “Had I been in his place I would not have burnt them, as the Prophet said, ‘Don’t punish (anybody) with Allah’s Punishment.’ No doubt, I would have killed them, for the Prophet said, ‘If somebody (a Muslim) discards his religion, kill him.’ ”  [Bukhari 9,84,57]

It is ironic that whereas Moon’s stated goal is to unify the world, many of his strategies foster jealousy and spite among leaders, virtually insuring a lack of unity. [p.23] Soon after the death of Muhammad, the fight over power started and tens of thousands of Muslims were killed due to infighting among the leaders and close relatives of Muhammad by fellow Muslims.
The more people opposed us, the more committed we felt. [p.24] Often Muslims claim that after reading my articles their faith in Islam has grown. This is not entirely bluff. Oliver Wendell Holmes said: “The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye; the more light you pour upon it, the more it will contract”. Although Muslims may not regard themselves as observing Muslims, once Islam is criticized they feel their identity is under attack and tenaciously try to hold unto it even though they can’t explain why.
It was as if we were God’s army in the middle of a spiritual war–the only ones who could go to the front lines and fight Satan each day. [p.24] Muslims believe Islam is the only true religion and they are the only people who do God’s work.
The Moonies wanted to keep me from pursuing some disturbing questions. I had discovered some glaring inconsistencies. It was dangerous for someone in my position in the organization to ask questions that couldn’t be answered. [p.25] Muslims are not allowed to ask certain questions that go to the core of Muhammad’s claim. Questions such as how do we know that Muhammad was telling the truth are taboo. In Islam you are allowed to ask question about modality for example “please tell us about Islam” but you can’t ask questions about the validity of Islam. Muslims are very sensitive about this issue and threat and violence may ensue.
Indeed, it was my ideals and my own fantasy of an ideal world that had lured me into the Moonies. Those ideals ultimately enabled me to walk out and publicy condemn cult mind control. [p.33] Many people who convert to Islam do so because they project their own ideals on this religion but in reality they have very little understanding of Islam, its tenets and its violent history. Most of these converts ultimately leave Islam when they discover the truth.
They indoctrinate members to show only the best sides of the organization. Members are taught to suppress any negative feelings they have about the group and always show a continually smiling, “happy” face. [p.41] his is typical of Islam where image is everything. Muslims have a tradition of dissimulation called Taqyyah. Deceiving others to portray Islam in the best lights is something every Muslim, including the newcomers learns to do from early on.
In some cults, members are systematically made to be phobic about ever leaving the group. Today’s cults know how to effectively implant vivid negative images deep within members’ unconscious minds, making it impossible for the member to even conceive of ever being happy and successful outside of the group. [p.45] In the same way, cult phobias take away people’s choices. Members truly believe they will be destroyed if they leave the safety of the group. They think there are no other ways for them to grow–spiritually, intellectually, or emotionally. They are virtually enslaved by this mind control technique. [p.46] Fear of leaving Islam is inseminated in the mind of the Muslim in various ways. The most heavy-handed method is the fear of hellfire. This fear is so engrained in the mind of the Muslim that virtually paralyzes his thinking ability. Even the most brilliant Muslims become literally powerless vis-à-vis the fear of the afterlife and facing a vengeful and tyrannical god. Then there is the fear of ostracism, loss of social prestige and even persecution and death. The Muslim is led to believe that life outside Islam does not exist and he is constantly reminded of the tremendous losses hat he would incur, both in this world and the next.

Steven Hasson describes some basic principles of Social Psychology and Group Dynamics that are employed by cults. These could perfectly describe Islam too.

  • The net result of these studies has been the consistent demonstration of the remarkable power of behavior modification techniques, group conformity, and obedience to authority. These three factors are known in psychological terms as the “influence process.” [p.58]
  • In totalistic cults, the ideology is internalized as “the truth,” the only “map” or reality. The doctrine not only serves to filter incoming information but also regulates how the information can be thought about. . . The doctrine claims to answer all questions to all problems and situations. [p.61]
  • Another key aspect of thought control involves training members to block out any information which is critical of the group. [p.62]
  • If information transmitted to a cult member is perceived as an attack on either the leader, the doctrine, or the group, a hostile wall goes up. Members are trained to disbelieve any criticism. Critical words have been explained away in advance as “the lies about us that Satan puts in peoples’ minds” . . . Paradoxically, criticism of the group confirms that the cult’s view of the world is correct. The information presented does not register properly. [p.62]
  • Emotional control . . . terror of discovery and punishment by the leaders. [p.63
  • Anyone who finds himself in a cult confession session should remember this warning: Anything you say can and will be used against you. This device can even extend to blackmail if you leave the cult. [p.63]
  • The most powerful technique for emotional control is phobia indoctrination . . . People are made to have a panic reaction at the thought of leaving, . . . [p.64]
  • When cult leaders tell the public “Members are free to leave any time they want; the door is open, they give the impression that members have free will and are simply choosing to stay. Actually, members may not have a real choice, because they have been indoctrinated to have a phobia of the outside world. Induced phobias eliminate the psychological possibility of a person choosing to leave the group merely because he is unhappy or wants to do something else. [p.65]
  • Information control also extends across all relationships. People are not allowed to talk to each other about anything critical of the leader, doctrine, or organization. Members must spy on each other and report improper activities or comments to leaders. [p.65]
  • Most importantly, people are told to avoid contact with ex-members or critics. Those who could provide the most information are the ones to be especially shunned. [p.65]
  • Cult members naturally feel they know more about what’s going on in their group than outsiders do, but in counseling ex-members I find that they often know the least. [p.65]
  • Destructive organizations also control information by having many levels of “truth.” Cult ideologies have “outsider” doctrines and “insider” doctrines. The outsider material is relatively bland stuff for the general public or fresh converts. The inner doctrines are unveiled only gradually as a person gets in deeper. [p.66]
  • The Doctrine Is Reality – There is no room in a mind control environment for regarding the group’s beliefs as mere theory, or as a way to interpret reality or to seek reality. The doctrine is reality. [p.78]
  • Since mind control depends on creating a new identity within the individual, cult doctrine always requires that a person distrust his own self. The doctrine becomes the “master program” for all thoughts, feelings, and actions.. Since it is the TRUTH, perfect and absolute, any flaw in it is viewed as only a reflection of the believer’s own imperfection. He is taught that he must follow the prescribed formula even if he doesn’t really understand it. At the same time he is told that he should try to work harder and have more faith so he will come to understand the truth more clearly. [p.79]
  • The doctrine allows no outside group to be recognized as valid (good, godly, real) because that would threaten the cult’s monopoly on truth. There is also no room for interpretation or deviation. If the doctrine doesn’t provide an answer directly, then the member must ask a leader. If the leader doesn’t have an answer, he can always brush off the question as unimportant or irrelevant. [p.79]  [To establish his monopoly Muhammad denounced all religions, including those whom he first described as the people of the book, by stating that they has corrupted their religion]
  • Some groups cultivate a psychic paranoia, telling members that spirit beings are constantly observing them, even taking possession of them whenever they feel or think in non-cult ways. [p.79] [This is particularly true in Islam. Muslims are led to believe that someone is writing down everything they do and thinks and if they allow doubt in their minds, on the day of resurrection they will be chastised.]
  • Elitist Mentality – Members are made to feel part of an elite corps of mankind. This feeling of being special, of participating in the most important acts in human history with a vanguard of committed believers, is strong emotional glue to keep people sacrificing and working hard. [p.80]
  • Ironically, members of cults look down on anyone involved in any other cult groups. They are very quick to acknowledge that “Those people are in a cult” or “They are the ones who are brainwashed.” They are unable to step out of their own situations and look at themselves objectively. [p.80]
  • This feeling of elitism and destiny, however, carries a heavy burden of responsibility. Members are told that if they do not fully perform their duties they are failing all of mankind. [p.80]
  • Group Will over Individual Will – In all destructive cults the self must submit to the group. . . . In any group that qualifies as a destructive cult, think of oneself or for oneself is wrong. The group comes first. Absolute obedience to superiors is one of the most universal themes in cults. Individuality is bad. Conformity is good. [p.80]
  • Happiness through Good Performance – One of the most attractive qualities of cult life is the sense of community that it fosters. The love seems to be unconditional and unlimited at first, and new members are swept away by a honeymoon of praise and attention. But after a few months, as the person becomes more enmeshed, the flattery and attention are turned away toward newer recruits. The cult member learns that love is not unconditional but depends on good performance. [p.80]
  • Problems are always the fault of the member, and are due to his weak faith, his lack of understanding, and so forth. He perpetually feels guilty for not meeting standards. . . . In every destructive cult I have encountered, fear is a major motivator. [p.82]
  • Many groups teach that the apocalypse is just around the corner. Some say they are preventing the apocalypse; others merely believe that they will survive it. . . . To a cult member, the future is a time when you will be rewarded because the great change has finally come. [p.83]  [Islam is a dooms Day cult. The Qiyamah or the Day of Judgment is the recurring theme of the Quran. The Muslim’s entire objective in life is to appease Allah and his messenger and prepare himself for that Day.]
  • In a destructive cult, there is never a legitimate reason for leaving. .. . . Members are thoroughly indoctrinated with the belief that if they ever do leave, terrible consequences will befall them, their family, and/or mankind. [p.84]
  • Although cult members will often say “Show me a way that is better than mine and I will quit,” they are not allowed the time or mental tools to prove that statement to themselves. They are locked in a psychological prison. [p.84]
  • Leaders were not “in it for the money” but . . . were, in my opinion, addicted to personal power. Many destructive Bible cults have leaders who are not conspicuous consumers and who appear to hold God and the Bible above them in authority; yet, interpretation of the Bible and God’s will is used to manipulate and control people. [p.99] [This is also true in the case of Muhammad who ostensibly lived modestly, despised silken cloths and prohibited silver utensils.. This feign of piety was however nothing but a show. In reality Muhammad amassed thousands of slaves and the wealth of entire populations that he banished of massacred. But more importantly he has utmost control over his brainwashed followers who were ready even to kill their own fathers if he so desired. The cult leaders are not after money, although they often keep controlling the wealth of their followers and becoming exceedingly rich. But what motivates them most is power.]
  • Does the group’s doctrine claim publicly to be one thing when it is in fact otherwise? [p.99]   [Islam does! Islam has one face for the outsiders and quite a different one for its members. The outsiders are led to believe that Islam is a religion of tolerance and peace. But what is never taught in the mosques are tolerance and peace. In the mosques Muslims learn how to hate the non-Muslims, how to distrust them and how be harsh with them.]
  • Deception includes outright lying, leaving out important information, or distorting information . . . Most recruiters from destructive cults will deny that they are trying to recruit anyone at all. [p.100]
  • One of the most obvious signs of a person in a mind control group is a lack of independent decision making abilities. Even though cult members try to convince outsiders that they are autonomous, once you probe beyond the surface it becomes obvious that they cannot make important decisions without first asking permission from superiors. [p.102-103]
  • The final criterion for judging a group is the members’ freedom to leave. To put it simply, members of destructive cults are psychological prisoners. As I have explained, destructive cults plant phobias into members’ minds so that they fear ever leaving the group. [p.104]
  • Rational discussions are simply not effective with someone who has been indoctrinated with mind control [p.140]
  • Every person in a cult has been programmed to stop all “negative” thoughts about the leader, the doctrine, or the organization, and has also been indoctrinated to believe that this group is superior to all other groups and different from all other groups. [p.165]
  • Mystical manipulation can take on a special quality . . . because the leaders become mediators for God. The God-centered principles can be imposed forcibly and claimed exclusively, so that the cult and its beliefs become the only true path to salvation. [p.202]

The left column is a list of cult characteristics. The right column contains the traits of Islam

A cult is a religious group with extreme beliefs and practices – beliefs that are often contrary to science and logic but they are believed as “obvious” truth by the cult members. slam claims to be a religion with strong devotion to Muhammad and a set of unsubstantiated doctrines presented by him. Monotheism is used as a pretext to exert absolute control over the believer, leaving him no chance to question or investigate alternative paths.
The members of cults often isolate themselves from friends, family and society and use deceptive and unethical recruiting techniques Muhammad forced his followers to leave their families (8:72) and gathered them in Yathrib. He said: “And those who believed but did not leave their homes, ye have no duty to protect them till they leave their homes”. He warned those who did not follow him, that they will be cursed by Allah and “their habitation will be hell”(4:97). He went as far as to order his followers to murder those Muslims who defected his barricade.(4:89)  In Yathrib he banished and killed the Jews who did not believe in him, thus eliminating the chance of his followers coming in contact with outsiders and being influenced by contrary ideas. In this way he exerted absolute control over the lives and the minds of his followers. Jim Jones did the same. He called his town “Jonestown”. Muhammad
Use manipulative methods to control the minds of followers He used manipulative methods to control the minds of his followers. These methods ranged from threat of hellfire, and promises of paradise, to exhaustive rituals of prayers and fasts devised to numb the thought, and threat of physical punishment including execution and constant warfare, that kept his followers in permanent state of agitation..
Venerate a human leader or leaders He established himself as the sole authority among his followers and the only source of guidance to the extent that they looked up to him for every detail of their lives, including how to dress, how to shave, how to pray and even how to urinate and how to clean after bowl movement. Ostensibly the worship was to God but effectively he was the only object of veneration of his followers and the only authority. Nominally God was to be obeyed but he was God’s proxy, thus assuming the authority of God.
Recruiting work is performed by all of the members All believers were asked to promote his cause through Jihad, propaganda or by giving generously from their wealth. 4:95, 9:20, 49:15, 61:11
People are not allowed to criticize the leader, the doctrine, or the organization, or read information that is critical of the cult.. The criticism of Muhammad and Islam was totally prohibited and if anyone dared to question him or his decisions, Omar swiftly unshielded his sword and threatened to slash the throat of the intrepid questioner forcing him to apologize at once. The message was sent in a very clear tone that no one is allowed to question Muhammad and his authority. 1400 years later, the message remains the same.. If you question Islam you will be killed.
Members are trained to reject and disbelieve criticism of the cult as lies from Satan. Muslims are told to dismiss any criticism of Islam as coming from Satan and they often avoid reading critical views about their Faith. I have received testimonies of apostates who confessed that at first when they came across my writings they stopped reading and dismissed them as the work of Satan. I myself never read any book critical of Islam and once frowned at a friend who expressed her curiosity about Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses.
Members spy on one another and report improper activities or comments to leaders. Muslims are encouraged to spy on each other and report any sign of dissent. Amr bil Maroof wa Nahi anil Munkir (Commanding to follow what is ordained in the religion and preventing from doing what is prohibited) is a tenet of Islam. Every Muslim is required to poke his nose in the private lives of others, spy on them and tell them what is permissible and what is not. Every Muslim is an enforcer of religion and the moral police for others.
Members are taught to suppress anything which might reflect negatively to outsiders about the cult. Muslims suppress anything that might present Islam in negative light. Preserving the image of Islam is of utmost importance and Muslims lie with clarity of conscience to misrepresent their religion and make it look good. For example women in Islam are treated like animals and are considered as deficient in intelligence. Every Muslim knows that, including women. But they blame the men for it and not Islam. They lie through their teeth bragging about the “elevated” status of women in Islam. Jihad means offensive war to expand Islam. Every Muslim knows that. Yet they all lie and say Jihad means “self defense”. A couple of years ago I received a very angry email from a Muslim who cursed me for revealing the fact that Muhammad had slept with a 9-year old child and at the end he said “the damage is already done” and I will be certainly punished for what I had done. Prior to that few people knew about Islam and Muhammad. Note that the fact that Muhammad slept with a child did not bother this Muslim; what bothered him was revealing that fact. Muhammad would not go to hell for deflowering a child and for being a pedophile but I will go to hell and will be severely punished for talking about it publicly.
The doctrine is absolutist and the ideology is internalized as “the Truth.” Islam is extremely absolutist and Muslims believe that it is the only true religion. This “truth” however is not self evident. It is “true” because Muhammad said so.
Members are told to avoid contact with ex-members or critics, even their relatives. Muslims are told to shun the apostates and the critics of Islam. New converts are often circled and are isolated from their non-Muslim family and friends. They are showered with “love” and receive a lot of emotional support until the brainwashing is complete.
Members are instilled with a deep fear about ever leaving the organization, and anyone who does depart is of the devil and sometimes severely punished. Muslims are instilled with the fear of leaving Islam. This fear comes in two forms. One is the fear of hell and of eternal punishment and the other is the fear of being caught and put to death by fellow Muslims, including their best friends and family.
Members are emotional controlled and warned of being caught and punished. Those who leave Islam must live in constant threat of being discovered and killed. Muslims often write to me to talk about this fear and say they pity me for having to look over my shoulders all the time and live in constant fear of being assassinated. Their values are so distorted that they do not pity themselves for being the assassins but pity me for having to live in their fear.
Disciplinary action is administered by group leaders, which may involve excommunication for such things as questioning organization policy or doctrine. In Islam disciplinary action includes beating, maiming, stoning, beheading or jail. Excommunication is for minor offenses. The poet Ka’b and two others were excommunicated for fifty days and during that time no one spoke to them. Ka’b’s wife was told to leave him and wherever he went people ignored him as if he was invisible. All this, because he did not accompany Muhammad in the war of Tabutk.
People are encouraged to sacrifice education, career and family interests to server the interests of the cult. Muslims are told to sacrifice their comfort, their wealth and their lives to promote Islam. Young men are encouraged to leave their studies and work, to wage Jihad and commit suicide bombing to make Islam dominant. Family and even children are regarded as “tests” for the believers. To prove their devotion to Allah, they must be able to forgo all these “worldly attachments” and get ready to sacrifice their lives in the cause of Islam.
Advocate socializing only with other members in the organization and avoiding outsiders. Muslims are discouraged to take friends from amongst the unbelievers even if these unbelievers are their kin. (3:28) They are told the unbelievers are najis (filthy)(9:28) and that the believers should not associate with them.
The belief in apocalypse and Dooms Day. The belief in the Day of Judgment and the Dooms Day is one of the pillars of the Islamic Faith.

Based on the above, Islam is a cult. It is the biggest and the most successful cult. It practically reunites every feature of cult. Other cults may not be cultic in some of the above points. But Islam is cultic in every way and it would be a mistake to number it among religions just because over a billion people call themselves Muslims

A Comparison:

Let us choose another cult, and compare it to Islam. Let us see if there are similarities between the two. For the purpose of this comparison I chose Aum Shinrikyo (Supreme Truth), the cult of the Japanese blind Messiah whose followers were involved in killing innocent people as a religious ritual.


Shoko Asahara, Japanese man founded a cult called the Aum Supreme truth “This apocalyptic sect and its charismatic, blind leader are suspected of releasing Sarin gas in five Tokyo subway stations the morning of March 20, 1995, killing 12 people (one dying a year after the attack) and sickening more than 5,500 others. The religious cult is also suspected of a similar gas attack in June, 1994 in Matsumoto, a town north of Tokyo , that killed seven people and wounded 144. Furthermore they are suspected of a series of slayings and kidnappings of anti-cult activists and of preparing to overthrow the Japanese government — all in the name of “good karma.”


1400 years ago, Muhammad an illiterate charismatic Arab, founded a monotheistic cult called Islam. To promote his religion he prescribed holy wars (jihad). He taught that next to prayers and fasting, waging war against the disbelievers is the most praiseworthy and meritorious act. He was a single-minded man who stopped at nothing to achieve his goal. He raided villages and looted merchant caravans and killed anyone who stood in his way with no mercy. He won his wars mostly through deceit and by taking his victims by surprise. This prophet of dooms laid siege on Jewish quarters and cut the water to them until they surrendered, and then he either massacred the males including the boys who had reached puberty, taking their women and children as slaves or banished them after taking all their belongings. He ordered the boys be inspected and if they had grown pubic hair he joined them with men and slew them. Muhammad assassinated his opponents and critics.. During the last ten years of his life, he waged over 76 wars and slew tens of thousands of people.


Asahara justified indiscriminate mass murder through the religious belief of “poa” — a Tibetan Buddhist term for reincarnation to a higher existence. According to Shoko’s twisted doomsday teachings, one can only save their soul through killing. Through the years Asahara developed a mumbo-jumbo collaged religious doctrine that resembled some sort of New Age-Hippie-Bhuddist-Mysticism. He even went on a pilgrimage to see Nostradamus expert Michel Chomarat at Lyon ‘s municipal library to gain new insights into divination.  ”


Muhammad justified indiscriminate mass murder through the religious belief of monotheism; a Middle Eastern dogma that claims this universe has a creator called Allah whose purpose of creation is to be known and be worshiped. But this can’t be done except through his intermediaries of which Muhammad was the best and the last. According to Muhammad’s twisted doomsday teachings, one can only serve Allah by forcing others into submission to his cult, even if that means killing those who differ. Through the years of withdrawal, and spending days at a time in a secluded cave, Muhammad developed a mumbo-jumbo collaged of religious doctrine that was a concoction of Judaism and Christianity and a hefty dose of rituals borrowed from Arabian paganism. He got some rudimentary insights in other monotheistic religions of the Middle East from Warraqa, the cousin of his first wife who was a Christian monk and some of his own followers who were Christian slaves.


To the New Age cocktail brewing in his head, Asahara added the incentive of world domination through violence that he taught to his followers. According to Shoko, a “poa” killing relieved victims from everyday life and the inevitable accumulation of bad karma. Thus what we call cold-blooded murder was regarded “as a beautiful ‘poa,’ and wise people would see that both the killer and the person killed would benefit”


To the monotheistic farce brewing in his head, Muhammad added the incentive of world domination through violence that he taught to his followers. According to Muhammad, killing the disbelievers in the name of Allah was the source of His pleasure. Thus terrorism was regarded as ‘Jihad’ or holy war. To cajole his followers to participate in these wars he promised them an orgiastic paradise filled with voluptuous celestial whores and “pearly boys”, whether they kill or are killed in the battle.

Now let us suppose that there is a true religion. How we would distinguish it from the false cults? Obviously we cannot accept any charlatan and impostor who lays claim to be the messenger of God.. How are we supposed to differentiate between the false prophets and the true ones? Why we should accept Islam and reject all other cults?

Muslim’s major proof for the truth of Islam is that over one billion people are Muslims. They argue that “not all these people can be wrong”. They believe in Islam because, as they say, it is the second biggest religion and it is the fastest growing one.

This is untrue because there are more Muslims who are leaving Islam. Today Over half of Iranians outside Iran do not call themselves Muslims and over 40% of them who still claim to be Muslims do not practice any Islamic rituals, like praying and fasting. We cannot have these statistics from inside of Iran but it is likely that once the present repressive regime of Iran is removed, most of the Iranians will denounce Islam and perhaps Muslims will become the minority in Iran .

Even if we accept revelation as the ultimate source of knowledge and religions as indispensable and the best guidance for human beings, we have to find which religion is true and which one is a cult. What are the parameters that we should use to separate one from the other?

In the final analysis, it is our own logic that should guide us in this uncharted territory. We have to use reason to test the truth. Having faith is not enough. We must put our faith to test of reason.  The cult leaders, who fear that their false claims would not stand the test of reason, warn their followers not to question God for this is the greatest sin. They say it is not up to humans to test God but it is God who should test his servants. They would rather demand immediate and steadfast devotion without offering any proof. They assert that the blind faith is the sign of the purity of heart and assure that God loves those who believe without questioning and those who believe at once without questioning will be rewarded. Rewarded for what? Rewarded for gullibility… for credulity?

There are countless number of people who fall prey to the to mentally sick narcissist self-acclaimed messiahs that pup up in ever increasing numbers, every day.. They number in thousands. We have to ask ourselves, would a wise and loving god give us a brain and the faculty to reason and then expect us to forgo its use when it comes to the most important decision in our lives, which is finding the right religion, which allegedly is the very purpose of our existence in this world that would determine whether we would have an eternal life in the paradise or would burn forever in the hellfire?

Islam is not the fastest growing religion. Falun Gong is. This Chinese religion, in just a few years has attracted more that 100 million followers. Islam’s growth is the result of another social problem and that is the population explosion in the poor countries. Muslims, because of their religious fanaticism have been alienated from science. To them the real knowledge is revealed in the Quran and that is all they need to know. Early Muslims burned books and considered all sciences to be demonic. In fact, except for a short period, this mentality dominated the minds of the Muslims everywhere. Even Khomeini was of the opinion that the Quran is the only book that must be taught in the universities.

Therefore, unless they could find oil underground, Islamic countries remained mostly poor. The population in poor countries grow more rapidly and hence the number of Muslims. The number of westerners converting to Islam compared to the number of born Muslims diverting from it is negligible. Islam mostly appeals to the blacks in USA who are basically reacting against the white dominated Christianity and are in the search for their own identity and to the prison inmates who find Islam more in conformity with their proclivity.

The False Religion of Islam

By Dean Robinson

(The following is a brief study on the subject of Islam. Many different sources were referred to which made this research possible. The purpose of the study was to offer a short analysis of some of the basic beliefs, ideas, and views held to by the typical Muslim.)

INTRODUCTION: Islam is not a religious cult in the strictest sense of the word but it is a major world religion, a false religion vastly different and opposed to Christianity. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world with one out of every 5 people on the face of the earth being a Muslim. It is considered to be one of the four largest religions in the world, behind Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism. It is estimated that by the year 2010, Islam will move ahead of Judaism to become the second largest religion in America. Hundreds of millions of people all over the world have embraced the Islamic faith to where entire countries are ruled and dominated by Islamic teachings, practices, and laws. Islam is a religious, social, and political force which every born-again Christian and every American should be aware of.


It is recorded that Islam first got its start around 600 A.D. by a man named Muhammed in an area in what is known today as Saudi Arabia. This man claims to have received supernatural visions and revelations from Allah (Islamic name for God) through the archangel Gabriel: one hundred fourteen to be exact. These visions and revelations were recorded and written down known as the Koran (Arabic term for “the recitation”), the holy book of Islam. Muhammed claimed he was the true and final prophet to restore true religion and the praise of Allah throughout the world.

In order for us to understand the basic history and beliefs of Islam, there are some religious terms that need to be defined:

1)  Islam — is the name of the religion which came out of the revelations and teachings of Mohammed; it is the Arabic term for “submission.”

2)  Muslim — name given to one who adheres to, follows the religion of Islam. It means: “one who submits.” A Muslim is to submit to the will of Allah as revealed by Muhammed.

Muhammed was born in Mecca in 570 A.D. After his father’s death he was raised by his grandfather and an uncle. His uncle was a merchant who traveled and Muhammed accompanied him, becoming a camel driver. It has been explained that when Muhammed began to see the polytheistic, idolatrous Arab tribal society around Mecca deteriorating in his day, that he decided to withdraw to a mountain cave near Mecca and spend a month (28 days) in meditation. This happened to be the month of Ramadan, the ninth month in Islam’s lunar calendar. During this time he claims Allah, through the angel Gabriel, first spoke to him and this is when Islam had its start. Muhammed continued to have visions and revelations and began to claim he was restoring the true religion of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, etc. which had been corrupted. These visions and revelations were later recorded as the Koran. The Koran records Abraham as saying: “This am I commanded, and I am the first of the Muslims.”

After conflicts for several years within his own country and people, Muhammed was able to convince many of his fellow Arabs that Allah was the only true god. Sources today indicate that Allah was in fact one of the 360 idol-gods worshiped by the Arab tribes. Allah was originally a mood god to the Arabs. Muhammed’s proclaiming of Allah as the only god caused so much opposition in Mecca that he and his followers in 622 A.D. had to flee 250 miles to what is known as Medina. It was here that Muhammed became the political and religious leader in Medina and the town became the center for expansion of Islam. Muhammed eventually gained enough followers that he conquered Mecca in 630 A.D. He destroyed all the idols in the town and declared it a mosque (Arabic word for “temple”). In the next few years after this Muhammed’s followers spread Islam over Palestine and Syria. Over the period of years, Muhammed married 15 wives. He said he did so for political reasons and because so many Muslim women were left without husbands who had been killed in battles of war.

When Muhammed died, he left no male heir to take over and so Islam splintered into different groups. The biggest group is the Sunnite sect which claim to recognize and follow the teachings of the immediate successors of Muhammed. They practice a moderate form of Islamic interpretation of the Koran. Over 90% of the Muslims in the Mideast, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Libya are of this group.

The next biggest group is the Shi’ite sect who claim to be the rightful line of succession to Muhammed. This group is much more literal in its interpretation and application of the Koran and is much more militant and fanatical. About 93% of Muslims in Iran are of this group.

Muhammed died in 632 A.D. and was buried in Medina. This is a known historical fact but Muslim tradition tells a different story. They claim that he went to Jerusalem on a white horse and ascended into heaven from a rock that is now enclosed in the Dome of the Rock (Mosque of Omar) on Mt. Moriah. This is why Jerusalem is considered a holy place for Muslims.


It is traditionally taught that there is no ceremony, no ritual involved in a person who wants to become a Muslim. All one has to do is to believe and say: There is no god but Allah and Muhammed is his prophet. After saying this, the person is obligated to do all the duties of Islam. One must remember that the word “Muslim” means: one who submits. Islam basically offers the world two choices: the Koran (conversion) or the sword (death). According to the teaching of the Koran, conversion to Islam can either be by persuasion or force. We must understand that the spread of Islam through the centuries has been carried out largely on the battlefield. Islam has been advanced by the widespread use of war, torture, and force of arms. Islam has swept over the world slaughtering Jews and Christians alike. Islam is a fighting religion. Conquest is a religious duty in Islam. The Koran urges Muslims to take up arms against the “infidel” (anyone who is not a Muslim). The Koran specifically says: “When ye encounter unbelievers, strike off their heads until ye have made a great slaughter among them, and bind them in bonds. ” In another place it says: “those who fight against you, kill them wherever ye shall find them …You Allah are our protector. Give us victory therefore over the infidel nations.” “Kill thine enemy” is the practical teaching of Islam.

The Koran is the final authority in Islam. It is the recordings of all the visions and revelations that Muhammed supposedly received directly from Allah. There were 114 in total. These revelations in the Koran are believed by Muslims to have come to Muhammed over a period of 23 years. The Koran is divided into 114 “sura’s” or chapters and contains many quotations and references to the Bible. Quoting from one source: “The Koran offers a religion that relies upon methods of violence and force — a doctrine of holy wars that brings inducements to political revolution and assassinations which have produced wars and tragedies unimaginable. The Koran offers a theology that is distinctly anti-Christ, claiming a method of salvation based entirely upon works.”

Islam claims to revere the writings of all the supposed great prophets of the world yet the Muslims definitely exalt and honor the “prophecy” of Muhammed (i.e. the Koran) above the Scriptures and any other religious writings. Muslims believe that Muhammed is the prophet who fully revealed the final truth and they will not compromise that belief. A leaflet prepared by the Institute of Islamic Information and Education states: “Muhammed is the very last Prophet of God to mankind. He is the final Messenger of God. His message was and is still to the Christians, the Jews, and the rest of mankind. He was sent to those religious people to inform them about the true mission of Jesus, Moses, David, Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham.” The leaflet continues: “Muhammed is considered to be the summation and the culmination of all the prophets and messengers that came before him. He purified the previous messages from adulteration and completed the Message of God for all humanity. He was entrusted with the power of explaining, interpreting, and living the teachings of the Koran.” Muslims believe that all mankind must be brought into subjection to the teachings of the Koran in order to experience peace and blessing.

In the Koran, Islam is more than a religion; it is a complete way of life that includes political, economic, social as well as religious conduct. All Islam claims to follow the Koran but there are a multitude of interpretations and applications of it among Muslims.

At first glance to the general public, Islamic belief appears to be almost compatible with Christianity. Often people claim that the Muslims believe in the same God as Christians with the exception that they do not accept Jesus Christ. It is often said that Christians, Jews, and Muslims are worshiping the same God but in different ways. Muslims have capitalized on this misconception and now urge Christians and Jews to worship the one God (Allah) with them, and work together for solutions to the world’s many social problems.

Based on the Koran, Muslims believe in one god (Allah but not the Trinity); they believe in God as the Creator and Jesus as a prophet (but not as Saviour); they believe in the resurrection of all (including animals), final judgment, and eternal punishment. They believe in all of these things but not according to the Bible’s definition of these things. When you carefully study the Bible and compare it with the teachings of the Koran, it becomes obvious that the god of Islam is not the God of the Bible. Islam rejects the biblical doctrines of the Trinity and the Deity of Christ, among other things.

What Muslims Believe About God

For the Muslim, Allah is the only true God. The Muslim concept of Allah is not what God reveals Himself to be in the Bible. To say that God and Allah are two names for the same being reveals a lack of understanding of the Bible or the Koran or both. The Muslims teach there is no such thing as the “blasphemous” doctrine of the Trinity, i.e. the Godhead is One but exists in three Persons. Christians are referred to as unbelievers, infidels by the Muslims because they believe in the Trinity. In a booklet entitled “Christian Muslim Dialogue” on page 16, it states: “The Trinity is not biblical. The word “trinity” is not even in the Bible or Bible dictionaries; it was never taught by Jesus and was never mentioned by him. There is no basis or proof in the Bible whatsoever for the acceptance of the Trinity.” The Koran states that Christians worship 3 gods: God, Jesus, and Mary. It denies that there is a Trinity in the Godhead. It also says that those who say that God is a Trinity are to be severely punished: “Surely they are disbelievers those who said Allah is one of the 3 in a trinity. But there is none who has the right to be worshiped but one God (Allah). And if they cease not from what they say, verily a painful torment will befall the disbelievers among them.”

The Muslim god is unapproachable by sinful man; he is so perfect and holy he can only communicate with mankind through a progression of angels and prophets. The Muslim god is a god of judgment, not grace; a god of wrath rather than love. Muslims have no concept of God as a loving and compassionate Father. Muslims never do refer to God as “Father;” they explain He would have to have a wife and children to be called such a name. This means, of course, that Muslims deny the deity of Christ. The Koran states: “It is not meet for Allah, the he should have any son. Allah forbid.” Another quote plainly says: “God has no Son.”

What Muslims Believe About Jesus Christ

To the Muslim, Jesus Christ is just one of many prophets of Allah. He is not the eternal Son of God or God Himself. Jesus Christ was a prophet for His people in His day. The Koran says: “Jesus is not more than a servant whom we favored, and proposed as an instance of divine power to the children of Israel.” Muhammed, say the Muslims, is Allah’s last and greatest prophet and all should heed him, superseding Jesus and all other prophets.

From the booklet “Christian Muslim Dialogue,” it says on page 3: “The reader will be surprised to learn that in the Bible Jesus never claimed to be God.” Islam sees Jesus Christ as a prophet of God who otherwise is no different from other men. The Koran says: “Jesus was no more than a mortal whom Allah favored and made an example to the Israelites.” According to the Koran, the main significance of Jesus is that He prophesied the coming of Muhammed. All Muslim commentators teach that Jesus’ promise of the coming of the Comforter in John 16:7 is a prophecy that Muhammed would come.

According to the Koran, anyone who says “God is the Messiah, Mary’s Son, God shall prohibit him entrance into Paradise and his refuge shall be the fire. They are unbelievers who say God is the Third of Three.” Another quote: “Kill those who join other gods with God (Allah) wherever ye shall find them; and seize them, besiege them, and lay wait for them with every kind of ambush.”

In reference to Jesus Christ, the Koran states: “The Messiah, Son of Mary, is but an apostle; other apostles have flourished before him. And his mother was a just person, they both ate food.” In other words, Jesus was just a human; God does not eat food, argue the Muslims. Another quote: “God has no wife, therefore he can have no son.”

In a pamphlet entitled “Prophethood in Islam” it states: “The Koranic account of Jesus emphatically rejects the concept of his divinity and divine sonship.” In a tract called “Is Jesus Really God,” written by the Institute of Islamic Information and Education, it states that Islam totally rejects the Biblical teaching that Jesus is God manifest in the flesh.

Islam has even gone as far as to actually deny that Jesus Christ was ever crucified. In the booklet “Christian Muslim Dialogue,” it says on page 3: “The reader will be surprised to learn that in the Bible Jesus did not die on the cross.” Muslims teach that Jesus Christ did not atone for anyone’s sins, although He was Himself sinless. Various Muslim traditions say that Jesus Christ either miraculously substituted Judas Iscariot for Himself on the cross, or that Allah miraculously delivered Him from the hands of the Romans and Jews before He could be crucified. Most Muslims believe that Jesus Christ was taken bodily into heaven without having died. Koran says: “they slew him not nor crucified him, but it appeared so unto them…they slew him not for certain, but Allah took him up unto himself.”

To deny Jesus Christ’s crucifixion is to deny His resurrection. Muslims believe in a resurrection, but not the resurrection of the crucified Lord Jesus Christ. So here we see that Islam denies the basic, essential message of the Bible: the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In doing so, it has taken away the Saviour and has rejected God’s saving grace. Islam says it has a high regard for Jesus as a prophet of Allah but no amount of respect for Jesus as a prophet can be acceptable to God when the Person and work of Jesus Christ are outright denied.


The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ was indeed God manifest in the flesh (1 Tim.3 :16). John 1:1 and 14 says God dwelt as a Man among men. The Lord said to the religious people of His day who rejected His deity: “if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins” (John 8:24). The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ was crucified and His crucifixion and resurrection are the basic message of the Bible. About one-third of the words of the first 4 books in the New Testament are given to eye-witness accounts of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The basic essential message of the Bible is the gospel of Jesus Christ, His death on the Cross for sinners, His burial, and His glorious resurrection from the dead.

The Bible teaches that from birth man is a sinner and cannot help or save himself. He must have a substitute to atone for him and the only substitute God will accept is Jesus Christ and His death on the Cross. The death of Christ is the only means of salvation. It is the only means of reconciliation to God. Without the crucifixion, God’s Word makes it clear there can be no forgiveness of sin and no eternal life. If Jesus Christ did not die on the Cross and rise from the dead, there is no salvation from sin.

Islam unashamedly rejects these basic truths which comprise the gospel. While many people try to argue that Christians and Muslims worship the same God, 2 John verse 7 and 9 say otherwise: “For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist. . . Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son.”

Denying the doctrine of Christ reveals Islam as a deception and an antichrist religion. The Koran has substituted false doctrines which present another gospel. No matter how intellectual, civilized, or scientific Islam is made to appear, it is still a religion which embraces and proclaims a false gospel and the Bible declares it and those who believe it to be accursed. “I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel: Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.” (Galatians 1:6-8)


For a true Muslim, the Koran is the “word of Allah,” and is to be believed and practiced literally. Apart from being a Muslim, there is no hope for a person according to the Koran. The Koran says: “Whoso desires any other religion than Islam, that religion shall never be accepted from him, and in the next world he shall be among the lost.” Another quote: “The true religion with God is Islam.” These two quotes simply signify that there can be no compromise, concession, or agreement between true Christianity and orthodox Islam.

Biblical Christianity and Islam teach a different concept of sin and salvation. Islam believes mankind is born pure, without sin.. From the tract entitled “Introducing Islam to Non-Muslims,” it is explained: “Muslims believe that people are born free of sin. It is only after they reach the age of puberty and it is only after they commit sins that they are to be charged for their mistakes. No one is responsible for or can take the responsibility for the sins of others.” What this does is to deny the Biblical teaching that all mankind sinned in Adam, i.e. Adam’s sin has been imputed to the whole human race: “Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned:” (Romans 5:12). Second, this is a denial of the Biblical teaching that the sin of man is imputed to Christ, i.e. Christ became sin for us on Calvary’s cross: “For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.” (2 Corinthians 5:21) Third, this is a denial of the Biblical teaching that the righteousness of God is imputed to men upon believing, i.e. believers possess the righteousness of God: “For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.” (Romans 5:19) By denying these truths which are fundamental to the gospel of salvation by grace through faith alone, Islam has laid the groundwork for a false gospel of self-righteousness and salvation by works.

The differing concepts of sin between Christianity and Islam leads to differing views of salvation. Islam’s “salvation” is based on an individual’s good works outweighing their bad works. The Bible teaches that salvation is not a reward but “the gift of God” (Romans 6:23). Heaven is the eternal abode of those who have received Christ as Saviour. Islam teaches that salvation is indeed a reward for a life of relative piety and righteousness. The Koran states: “Then those whose scales are heavy, they are successful. And those whose scales are light are those who lose their souls.”

It is taught that a Muslim cannot be assured of attaining Paradise (Koran’s concept of Heaven) unless he dies in a “jihad” (holy war). Then he goes immediately to paradise, which explains why Muslims are willing to die in terrorist acts. Note this quote from the Koran: “And they who have suffered in my cause and have fought and fallen, I will blot out their sins from them, and I will bring them into gardens beneath which the streams do flow.”

One writer wrote describing a Muslim’s concept of paradise as a type of desert oasis “where they will recline on soft couches, drinking cups of wine handed to them by maidens of paradise, of whom each man may marry as many as he pleases.”


Every Muslim who hopes to escape the judgment of Allah, must fulfill his religious duties which are the works of the “Five Pillars of the Faith”:

1. Recite the Muslim creed — “There is no God but Allah and Muhammed is his prophet.” To say the creed with conviction and sincerity makes one a Muslim.

2. Pray 5 prescribed prayers a day toward the holy city of Mecca.

3. Give alms to the poor.. Muslims are required to give one-fortieth of their income as charitable contributions.

4. Fast during the entire month of Ramadan (9th month in the Muslim’s lunar calendar). This is when the Muslims are supposed to fast for 28 days from all food and drink from sunrise to sunset in atonement for their own sins over the previous year. In actuality, what this involves is sleeping all during the day and eating all night.

5. Make a pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca at least once in a lifetime. For those unable to physically go, they can hire a substitute to go in their place.


According to the Bible, Allah is not God, Muhammed is not his prophet, and the Koran is not the Word of God. Islam is a false religion and utterly without power to save from sin because it doesn’t recognize Jesus Christ as the Saviour. No person, no matter how religious or how sincere he may be, can possess truth or salvation apart from the Lord Jesus Christ. The person and work of Christ is the crucial divider between Christianity and Islam. Christ’s atoning death is the perfect and only sacrifice which God will accept in behalf of sinners.

Our message to Muslims is that they, like all men, are hopelessly lost. All are naturally at enmity with God. There is no good in us that can merit God’s favor and there is no good we can do to endear ourselves to Him. Being utterly lost and completely unable to save ourselves, God did all that was required to reconcile men to Himself by sending His only begotten Son. Christ bore our sin, died on the Cross as our Substitute, shedding His precious blood as a complete, all-sufficient, perfect sacrifice for sin, and He arose again bodily from the dead. Repenting of one’s sins and believing on Christ, trusting Him for salvation, is all that is necessary to be saved.

Islam claims to be a religion of peace and tolerance when in fact it is characterized by violence and religious bigotry. It is the Christian’s duty to diligently witness to, not dialogue with the Muslims. We must stand for the true Gospel and against all other false gospels. Islam has rejected the essential teachings of the Word of God. The so-called prophet Muhammed brought an erroneous message from a false spirit that is totally opposed to the Gospel of God’s grace. The message of Islam is a curse, not a blessing. “There is only one true religion. It was prophesied in the Garden of Eden, typified in the days of Noah, confirmed to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and realized in the Person and work of Jesus Christ.”

There is no doubt that Muslims have a definite zeal for their god. They desire to follow Allah and express their worship of Allah through their lives. But the fact remains, Muslims need Christ and His saving Gospel which is still the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth. They need not only to hear and believe this life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ, but they also need to see it demonstrated in the lives of believers to serve as an example of what the Lord can do with a life that is totally and truly surrendered and submitted unto Him. Islam offers this world two choices: the Koran (conversion) or the sword (death). Bible-believing Christians have only one choice to offer the world: the Cross and empty tomb of Jesus Christ.

In this age of ecumenicalism and tolerance, many people would like to emphasize the resemblances and similarities between Islam and Christianity. While the two religions may share many historical persons and events in common, there is still an unbridgeable gap between them. “There is no possible compromise between biblical Christianity and Islam and none should be sought.”

Sources Referred To:

The Kingdom of the Cults by Walter Martin.
The Discerner by William A. BeVier
The Baptist Watchman — “Is the God of Islam the God of the Bible?” by Laurence A. Justice
The False Gospel of Islam by Ric Llewellyn


                       IDENTIFYING A CULT


CULT - From the Latin "cultis" which denotes all that is
involved in worship, ritual, emotion, liturgy and attitude.
This definition actually denotes what we call denominations
and sects and would make all religious movements a cult. 


CULT - Any group which deviates from Biblical, orthodox,
historical  Christianity. e.i. They deny the Deity of Christ;
His physical resurrection; His personal and physical return to
earth and salvation by FAITH alone.  

This definition only covers those groups which are cults
within the Christian religion. It does not cover cults within
other world religions such as Islam and Hinduism. Nor does it
cover Psychological, Commercial or Educational cults which do
not recognize the Bible as a source of reality.


CULT - Any group which has a pyramid type authoritarian
leadership structure with all teaching and guidance coming
from the person/persons at the top. The group will claim to be
the only way to God; Nirvana; Paradise; Ultimate Reality; Full
Potential, Way to Happiness etc, and will use thought reform
or mind control techniques to gain control and keep their

This definition covers cults within all major world
religions, along with those cults which have no OBVIOUS
religious base such as commercial, educational and
psychological cults. Others may define these a little
differently,  but this is the simplest to work from.  


A group is called a cult because of their behavior - not
their doctrines. Doctrine is an issue in the area of
Apologetics and Heresy. Most religious cults do teach what the
Christian church would declare to be heresy but some do not. 
Some cults teach the basics of the Christian faith but have
behavioral patterns that are abusive, controlling and cultic.

This occurs in both Non-Charismatic and Charismatic churches. 
These groups teach the central doctrines of the Christian
faith and then add the extra authority of leadership or
someone's particular writings. They center around the
interpretations of the leadership and submissive and
unquestioning acceptance of these is essential to be a member
of good standing.  This acceptance includes what we consider
non-essential doctrines  e.i. not salvation issues (such as
the Person and Work of Christ.) The key is that they will be
using mind control or undue influence on their members.  

An excellent book on this subject is "Churches that Abuse" by
Dr Ronald Enroth.  

Using these guidelines of definition, Bible-based,
Psychological, Educational and Commercial aberrations can
easily be identified.


(a)  The group will have an ELITIST view of itself in relation to
everyone else is wrong.  THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES DOING GOD'S WILL -
everyone else is in apostasy.  

(b)  They will promote their cause actively, and in doing so, abuse 
God-given personal  rights and freedoms.   This abuse can be


1. Their leader/s may claim a special, exclusive ministry, revelation or
     position of authority given by God.  

2. They believe they are the only true church and take a critical stance
     regarding the Christian church while at the same time praising and
     exalting their own group, leader/s and work.  

3. They use intimidation or psychological manipulation to keep members 
     loyal to their ranks. This could be in the form of threats of dire
     calamity sent by God if they leave; certain death at Armageddon;
     being shunned by their family and friends etc.  This is a vital
     part of the mind control process. 

4.    Members will be expected to give substantial financial support to 
     the  group.  This could be compulsory tithing (which is checked);
     signing over all their property  on  entering the group; coercive
     methods of instilling guilt on those who have not contributed; 
     selling magazines,  flowers or other goods for the group as part of
     their "ministry".  

     At the same time bible-based cults may ridicule churches that take
up free-will offerings by passing collection plates and/or sell
literature and tapes.  They usually brag that they don't do this. This
gives outsiders the intimation that they are not interested in money.  

5.   There will be great emphasis on loyalty to the group and its
     teachings.  The lives of members will be totally absorbed into the
     group's activities.  They will have little or no time to think for
     themselves because of physical and emotional exhaustion. This is
     also a vital part of the  mind control process. 

6.   There will be total control over almost all aspects of the private 
     lives of members. This control can be direct through communal
     living, or constant and repetitious teaching on "how to be a true
     Christian" or "being obedient to leadership".  Members will look to
     their leaders for guidance in everything they do.  

7.   Bible-based cults  may proclaim they have no clergy/laity
     distinction  and no paid ministry class - that they are all equal. 

8.   Any dissent or questioning of the group's teachings is discouraged.
     Criticism in any form is seen as rebellion.  There will be an
     emphasis  on authority, unquestioning  obedience  and  submission. 
     This  is  vigilantly maintained. 

9.   Members are required to demonstrate their loyalty to the group in 
     some way.  This could be in the form of "dobbing" on fellow members
     (including family) under the guise of looking out for their
     "spiritual welfare".  

     They may  be required to deliberately lie (heavenly deception) or
give up their lives by refusing some form of medical treatment.  

10.  Attempts to leave or reveal embarrassing facts about the group may
be met with threats.  Some may have taken oaths  of  loyalty  that 
involve their lives  or have signed a "covenant" and feel threatened by

     Refugees of the group are usually faced with confrontations by
other members with coercion to get  them  to return to the


     They adopt a "group ness" mentality.  They are not permitted to
     think for themselves apart from the group and only accept what
     they are told. 

     Relationships  with  friends,  relatives,  spouses, children,
     parents etc are broken or seriously hampered.  

     Pressure to give all you can  to the  group. In  non-communal 
     groups, members usually live at the lower socio-economic strata,
     not  because  of a lower income level,  but because they are always
     giving money to the group for some reason.  

     Isolation  from  the  community  in  general.  Anyone  and 
     everything outside the group is seen as "of the devil"  or
     "unenlightened" etc.  Their enemies now include  former friends;
     the Christian  church;  governments; education  systems; the  media 
     - the world in general. Those who are involved with these in any
     way see such involvement as a "means to an end". 

     The group  controls and uses  almost all the members time and
     energy  in  group activities.  They  are  usually in a  constant
     state of mental and physical exhaustion.  

     They must unquestioning submit to the groups teachings and
     directions and their own free will is  broken.  Their  "will" 
     actually becomes  the groups "will" without their realizing it. 
     This is done either by coercive methods including low protein diets
     and lack of sleep,  or over a  period  of  time  through      
     intimidation.  Both methods make heavy use of "guilt".  



     Relatives will say they no longer recognize  the  person. 

From a warm, loving personality will come heaped abuse, rejection and
feelings of hate.  The cult member sees himself as "righteous" in
comparison  and  this comes across in their attitude toward all outsiders.  


     They cannot see themselves as individuals apart from the group. 
     Some even change their name as a rejection of their former life.  


     Any time you say anything  negative  about the  group,  whether 
justified  or  no, it is regarded as "persecution".  Any criticism of
the individual is also seen as persecution only because  they  are the
"true Christian"  or "enlightened" one - not because they,  as an
individual, have done the wrong thing.  However, at the same time they
will feel free to criticize whatever you believe, say and do because
they are "the only ones who are right".  


     They lose their ability to socialize outside the group.  This can
go so far as to not being able to structure their time or make simple
decisions for themselves when they leave.  

     Their world-view alters and they perceive the world through their
leaders eyes.  They become very naive about life in general.  


     They are made to feel guilty of everything they did before entering
the group and are to strive to be "good" and "worthy"  for "eternal
life".  Misdemeanors are made into "mountains" so that members are in a
constant state of guilt for infringing even the most minor rules. Guilt
comes because they aren't doing enough;  entertaining doubts or
questions; even thinking rationally for oneself.  

     This guilt is piled upon pile with new rules constantly
being laid  down  about what  is  sinful  and what is not.  Illness may be
seen as lack of faith - more guilt.  Emotional illness may be seen as
proof of sin in your life  -  more guilt.  


     Not  all  these  points will be found in every cult,  but
all cults will have some if not most of them, although these may vary to
some degree.  

Copyright 1985  Jan Groenveld
Freedom In Christ, PO Box 2444, Mansfield, 4122, Australia

Reproduction is permitted only if text is intact, not within the body
of any other text, and is not sold for gain or profit. 
The above identifying information must be left intact.

Cult Definition
Christian Definition
Mormonism God Many gods One God
Jehovah’s Witnesses Jesus Christ Not god, created by Jehovah God the Son, Creator of all
Christian Science Sin Illusion, error, not real Disobedience to God
New Age Salvation Becoming One with the Universe/God Reconciliation with God by means of Christ’s atonement

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