**DELTAflt1189’s Detailed Personal Profile!**

My Exact Description

Attn: Too many people are IMing me, asking me a whole bunch’a cockamaime, lame repetitive questions about my basic info.. (“asl,” “Where ya from?” … “How old are you” … “What’s your location?”MAKE TIME to read my ENTIRE profile, so that you’re not 1 of them, OK? I appreciate your time very much, & I know that this’s a long dossier, but I do tell ALL about myself, so that there’s NO surprises. You want honesty from me? Well, here it is. So, after you read the 1st paragraph, don’t complain that I’m “too honest,” & run off flap’n ya’ chicken wings. READ IT, in it’s FULL entirety. No baloney.. Thanks, & WELCOME!

I´m a SWM / BHM (Big Handsome Man) / 5´9″ / I was extruded on 09/24/1972 in Brooklyn, NY at 10:10 AM on Sunday morn’n / I weigh in at 260 LB / Short blk. hr. – Army Ranger-styled crew cut / Shaved head / Salt & pepper hr. / Big brn. eyes / Usually clean-shaven, but sometimes I maintain a little stubble / I wear size 12 boots, & size 13 shoes / I dress casually / Have lightly tanned skin / Wear glasses, w/black frames / No kids, but want someday / Never married. I’m SINGLE / No tatts / No body piercings / No pets / I live alone / I rent an apt. in the ‘burbs’ / Non-smk. / Non-drnk. / Messianic Jew (Believer in Jesus Christ).
My Attributes
*Humorous – I love to imitate others making folks laugh & to spread cheer is a birth-gift I’ve been given. I LOVE to mimic old song artists, as well. Funny stuff! Lol
*Very easy to talk to
*On-time, (usually early, for a date)

*S.O.S: – Looking for Old Friends From Maplebrook School Inc.*

I attended Maplebrook School Inc. in Amenia, NY, from: 02/1989 – 06/1991

My Cooking Skills

I am not that bad of a cook. I really enjoy it, but I don´t like cook´n alone, all by my lonesome. Y? Cuz it blows. It sux, & it´s no fun. I would pamper you, though, if I were to cook for you. I´d make you feel like you were in a restaraunt, fa´show, babs. I love a woman who knows how to cook, & cook GOOD. I’m very good at taking something basic like a PB & J sandwich, & turn’n it into a gourmet feast. I´m VERY good at that. I love to make homemade chicken soup once in a while, although I do not do it often, as cooking alone can really suck.. I am very good at making chicken soup as I have practiced for a long time before I managed to get it right. I only use fresh ingredients, & I make it authentic, in the classic eastern european style.

You wanna talk about some chicken salad? — Lemme tell you something, babs … I make slam´n chicken salad. I make it FRESH, with FRESH ingredients, not out of a can. I´m good.. I don´t use cheap bread, either. I use good quality bread.   I make chicken taste so good, that you´d think that you were eating prime rib, done up perfectly, young lady. — I´m good. The only thing that is a bit too much of a ballbuster for me to make is fried chicken, as I do not have a deep fryer. Otherwise, I guarranty you that I could make it (assuming I have the right ingredients, & the proper equipment.)
I like a good salad every so often, once in a while.Very Fresh Salad<—–See the froggy? LOL
I also like to do some italian dishes as well. I can basically make just about anything, but I normally don´t, for the reason that I don´t have anyone to really do it for (yet), but also on top of that, alot of the ingredients can be a little bit on the expensive side, so that´s a bit of a hinderance. I usually just cook for whenever I have company over.
I generally hate the tinny, fishy taste of canned fish, but sometimes I am able to cook it in a skillet & then it doesn´t taste as bad, but I do prefer fresh fish quite a bit more.  1 of the things that I am very good at making also, are FRESH juices. I love to make fresh cranberry juice, & lemonade, as well… It´s very simple for me to do.
My favorite foods are a wide variety of stuff, but only if it´s made correctly. I hate it whenever I go out to some restaraunt & a waiter/waitress brings me some poorly made slop, that´s supposed to be a well-made dish, but due to the fact that the restaraunt owner has no balls, he/she lets his/her head chef make garbage & serves the pig slop to someone like me who can tell that it´s pig slop.

I’m A Pet Lover

I love doggies! — I used to have a huge cuddly basset houndypooie named ´Huckleberry.´ I love him so. He was the saddest thing in the whole wide world, & someday I´ll surely get another one. I like animals as a whole, but … I LOVE Dog - Basset Hound (Canis lupus familiaris)bassets & bloodhoundiesditto and chicks above the rest.. Bow-wow – Arrrroooooooooooooooo!! LOL

I have specific ´likes´.. — Ask me, if yer curious. You may like them, as well(!)

*Miracles That Actually Happened To Me, In 11/2006! The Following is a TRUE Story. READ IT, & Dare To Believe.*

I´m no yuppie, & I´m not fancy. I´m stuck in a very low income bracket, so … I’m juss bei’n honest with ya, on my situation. The economy’s very bad right now, & it was no good before the US economic crash. 5,000,000 people are unemployed in this country, several million have lost their homes, & money is very, very HARD to come by. There´s an old worldly saying, which goes: “Ya´ can´t squeez blood from a stone.”

Oh, & just remember 1 important thing, honey; just because a guy has a great job out in the world, means NOTHING. It doesn’t mean that he will be honest & true to you, or that he won’t treat you lousy. A lot of us are like that, but a lot of us, are not. I assure you, that I am emotionally-stable, very polite, & I know how to treat a lady. I believe in chivalry.

My Personal Transportation


I normally get around with a silver “Mongoose-Blackcomb” dual suspension mountain bike. — Before you judge me as to “why” I don’t drive, allow me to explain.

I do not drive, because of the following terrific reasons

1) I know of no one who is willling to give me time behind the wheel of their car, — including my so-called “friends!!”

2) I do not possibly see the point of owning some super-cheap junkyard piece’a crap, that’s only gonna nickle & dime me to death, & would break down & leave me stranded in the middle’a nowhere. I will not put myself in that situation. Y? I’ll tell you. Bu’cuz umm …. YOU are not gonna pick me up, & neither is anyone else gonna take time out of their precious busy day to drive all the way out to east ‘Jabipp’ ta’ come get me.

3) Who’s gonna pay the repair bills, when my junky jallopy kicks the bucket out in the middle’a amish country? — You?

4) Where could I possibly park in the city? (NY city/Lancaster city/Philladelphia city/ … (Whutever city, all of em,’ busts driver’s balls!!)

5) I refuse to pay 3 – $5.00/gal. for gas. It ain’t happen’n, I’m sorry. Maybe you don’t mind it, but I do. Fa’get it!!flinstones car

Now you know precisely “why,” I do not drive. So now, there’s no more mystery. Lol

I´m well known around my town, by the name that´s affixed to my bike trailer: ´ANDYTRAK..´ Lol. That´s my transportation.

My Favorite Music

I love the 70’s love songs, 80’s techno/disco, & R&B. I love a wide variety of the old ones, like “The cornelius Brothers & sister Rose,” — (It’s Too Late) Songs from ‘Journey,’ “Voices Carry” from ‘Till Teusday,’ “Fool”(If You Think It’s Over),” by ‘Chris Rea,’ “Fame” by ‘David bowie,’ “Heart Of Glass,” “Call Me,” & “In The Flesh,” by ‘Blondie,’ songs from the group ‘Tommy,’ “Massachussetts” by Andy Gibb(?) “More Than I Can Say” by Leo Sayer,’ songs by the ‘BeeGees,’ & a few of the old movie sound tracks.

My Favorite Musical Artists

Stevie Wonder, Lou Rawls, Michael Jackson, Yvon Elleman, Maureen McGovern, Johny Cash, Olivia Newton John, Dusty Springfield, Joe Jackson, Stevie Nicks, Chris Rea, Leo Sayer, & Rupert Holmes.

My Favorite Movies

“The Devil’s Advocate,” “The Devil’s Rain,” “Race With The Devil,” “Equinox,” “The Bunker,” “Fatherland,” “Munich,” “The Hill,” “Hamburger Hill,” “When Hell Was In Session,” “Marathon Man,” “The Amittyville Horror,” “The Professional,” “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” “Hardcore,” “Mississippi Burning,” “Star Trek” (The original TV series) “Star Trek I,II,III,IV,V,VI,” “CRASH – of Eastern Flt. 401,” “Oath Of Office,” “Cannonball Run,” “Smokey & The Bandit,” “The Grass Is Greener Over The Septic Tank,” “Liar-Liar,” & “6 Weeks.”

My Favorite TV Shows

“All In The Family,” “Starskey & Hutch,” “The Incredible Hulk,” “The Banana Split Gang,” “Laugh In,” “Monty Python’s flying Circus,” “The Carol Burnette Show,” & “Mama’s Family.”

My Appropriate Match

SWF (Single White Female) / SHF (Single Hispanic Female), meaning: Unmarried, Single, or Widowed. NOT SEPARATED/NOT MARRIED! 25-40 years of age / 170-250LB / 5´6″-6´6″ — I would prefer that you´d be at least 6´ tall, but if not, it´s alright/ Any color hair / Any color eyes / I LOVE BBW types of women. (Big Beautiful Women). I have a thing for your type, if you´re a BBW, that is.

Please remember yer manners. I cannot stand rude, discourteous behavior. — Especially from women. That makes me absollutely sick, & it pisses me off, so umm … don´t be like that around me, OK?

I love: a woman who has a very gentle touch, & I love when you´re a good masseur. (Did I spell that right? Lol) I love when yer a great kisser, & a slow kisser. Full lips is what I pref., I pref. big soft hands. I love women who take very good care of themselves, & in their more personal aspects of life, are VERY CLEAN. That´s something that ´d just ruin the whole thing. Please don´t be a dirty pig, who´se got some ridiculous phobia, of a bar´a soap. I’m not putting up with that from anyone anymore, & besides that, it’s extremely offensive, & depicts severe laziness, personal sloth, psychiatric problems, & pure, & utter stupidity.BE CLEAN, & do not smell bad, all the time. Been there, done that.

I so look forward to finding a woman that knows how to cook, & can do it really well, without turning me from a hot air balloon, into an outright blimp.

LOL I hope that if you can cook well, that you primarilly make healthy stuff for me. I love homemade italian dinners.spaghetti_sauce_bubbling_md_wht.gif (16187 bytes) spaghetti_steaming_md_wht.gif (7857 bytes)

Do you have any special ´likes?´ Please tell me. I do care about your feelings, ya know.

!PAY ATTENTION! Your Faith …
… does not matter to me. But, I will ask you this. No matter whut your beliefs are, do not stand in judgement of me, for my being a follower of Jesus. I’m not yer judge, & yer not mine either, so I’m asking you as an honorable woman that you do not stand in judgment of me, for those reasons, as a minister in His doctrines. – I’m not looking for women who deal with me like that, & anyone who chooses to mistreat me in that fashion, will be ignored, & heavilly criticized. I’m not gonna sit idly by & be treated poorly by miserable women. – If you do not know how to be fair, merciful & appealing to me, & come across to me as an honorable & a pleasant woman, then take a walk please, madaam. IF yer not that type of coldblooded individual, I welcome you into my life, & I appreciate yer time. :o)
In case you´d like to contact me to explore the possibility of a relationship, PAY ATTENTION!

ALL calls are screened, so … don´t get stupid.

1 last thing on the list for the snakes only: DO NOT come to me, if you’re a male-female “transgender.” I’m NOT looking for that, understand? I’m not it, baby! GO AWAY. I’ll tell you why: IF things get steamy, & I find out yer not a female …. That’s not good news for you. Make double, & tripple sure, that you are a female BY BIRTH. Thass juss the way it is. Period. I’m glad we ALL understand, ladies!

My Location & Yours. !PAY ATTENTION!

I am only accepting a relationship from those of you who live within 300 miles of my zipcode here in Lancaster, PA, of: 17602. (A concession may be made, but that depends firmly upon IF yer willing to come & visit me for a new relationship(?). — Inquire within.)

My Feelings About “Long Distance Relationships”airplane.gif - (8K)

I approach those types of relationships with extreme caution, as they have attendancy to well ………… fail, miserably. I mean quite honestly, it depends IF yer really that impressive to me, (or not.) IF. & I mean … IF you’re that impressive to me, with a very good attitude … a good heart in the Lord, & I know that you’re sincere, & truly desire to meet up with me, then terrific. I give you my word, that I am sincere in my intentions, in that I will meet you at the appointed place, unless I drop dead of a heart attack from eating too much Cornbeef Hash. LOL — Seriously … I give you my word on that, that if you & I make up to meet somewhere, I will do the very best that I can to be on time, to meet you. We could make up a time & a place to meet in public of course, & that would work for me.


Is that clear enough for you? You must live here in the USA, & be a LEGAL citizen of the USA, if you so desire a relationship with me.. NO exceptions, & NO baloney! IF you are here in this country, on a “temporary VISA,” I am happy for you. I’m glad you’re here, But … GO AWAY. DO NOT WASTE MY TIME. I cannot offer you a relationship, nor am I willing to. There’s several good reasons why, & believe me, I’ve got’em. I’m sorry, but I don’t trust you.

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